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Image of River of Time Museum entrance


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Geology exhibit

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Also on display are specimens of pottery found in the Fountain Hills metro area.




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Mountain Spirit Dancers exhibit



The spiritual keepers for the Yavapai Tribe. According to Yavapai stories told only in the winter months the five Mountain Spirits inhabited Four Peaks, the Superstitions, Red Mountain and Granite Mountain long before other people came. "They are always there helping us; they never die." Singing and dancing are ways people expressed themselves, and prayed to the Creator. The dance itself was like a prayer.

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Ancient Yavapai grinding corn



The Yavapai in the Lower Verde River Valley lived off the desert hunting deer, rabbit, quail, antelope and other wild game while eating wild plants such as pinion acorns, agave, mesquite beans and the fruit from the saquaro cactus.
Yavapai Ramada display
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