About Us

Cleaning a regular carpet is already an incredibly daunting task, add in the fact that the carpet you need to clean, is a one of a kind aged museum piece, and you have an almost impossible task for an amateur. For these kinds of tasks, you need a professional or at the very least the knowledge of a professional, which is where we come in.

Riveroftimemuseum.org is a site dedicated to the preservation of antique, rare, and expensive rugs and carpets of antiquity. Our site is designed to educate those who curate these fine pieces of history on how to care for them and if need be clean them. We also facilitate connecting professionals with curators if they prefer professionals to clean their pieces, which we highly recommend.

From the information of detail cleaning procedures to the daily care of the pieces, we have researched and meticulously written publish in order to give the best information necessary for owners and curators. As each piece is a part of history, we aim to educate as many people and instructions in the proper keeping of valuable carpet pieces.

Our goal is to allow the owners and curators of the pieces to be able to preserve them for future generations to see and one day treasure. Our detailed articles on “making them last longer” and “storage” is a treasure-trove of preservation and maintenance methods.

When it comes to pieces of history, even when privately owned, it is the heritage of everyone. As owners of a piece of history, it is your responsibility to preserve it for future generations, else find a suitable owner or museum to handle its maintenance, where it can also be viewed an appreciated by the public, kept safe in glass frames, preserved for the next generation to view and appreciated.