Carpet Cleaner’s Guide to Caring for Antique Rugs and Carpets

rugUnless you treat your antique rug or carpet like a museum piece and keep it behind glass doors, heirloom, vintage, or antique rugs and carpets are made an integral part of your home. They lie on the floor surface of the rooms of your house and are therefore subjected to the regular wear and tear of regular use and foot traffic.

Does that seem counter-intuitive? Precious antique rugs that are worth a lot of money shouldn’t intentionally placed in the way of potential ruin and destruction. But if you don’t use them in your home, the only other alternative is to put them in storage, where they are likely to gather dust anyway. In fact, storing these precious rugs to preserve them seems far more counter-intuitive for beautiful pieces that were meant to be admired, and meant to adorn the rooms and floors of beautiful homes. Check out for more info.

So how do you care for antique rugs and carpets in a way that allows you to get their full use while also minimizing any potential damage to them? Carpet cleaners who also offer rug cleaning services will readily tell you that it is not an impossible task. Here we explore some ideas and tips on caring for antique rugs and carpets.

Strategic Placement

Quite simply, you can use your precious antique rug to adorn the floor of a room but minimize any potential damage from foot traffic by placing it strategically where it won’t get trodden on so much. Don’t place it where muddy boots or wet shoes are likely to tread on them day in or day out, and especially not where pets and kids might have accidents on your precious rug. You know where the most likely spilling accidents are likely to take place in your rooms, and where the most likely spaces where there would be the most foot traffic. Just avoid placing your rug along these areas.

Frequent Vacuuming


There are certain standard don’ts when it comes to cleaning precious rugs, those include:

  • Not to apply heat.
  • Not to use hot water or steam.
  • Never to use chemical-based cleaning solutions.

That said, there are also some standard do’s, including frequent vacuuming.

You may think that regular vacuuming may be too harsh for antique rugs, but the one good thing about these valuable pieces is that they were built to stand the test of time, and so are intrinsically hardy. They can certainly withstand frequent vacuuming, as long as you use the proper setting. This kind of regular cleaning will also help maintain the quality of your rug by removing accumulated dirt and dust that can cause the slow but steady wear and tear if left uncleaned. Most rug and carpet cleaning experts recommend frequent vacuuming in the intervals when you take your rug for professional cleaning.

Redistribute weight

Many carpet cleaners at believe that to prevent the scenario where a rug becomes unevenly flattened in some spots, it is also recommended to rotate your rug every so often. This ensures equal distribution of foot traffic and a redistribution of the weight of furniture in case you have placed any on top of your rug. In fact, if you did place one or two lightweight furniture on top of your rug, you might want to rearrange things every so often to prevent this uneven distribution of areas of wear from setting into your carpet.